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Superstardle is a new take on digital trivia and exploratory visualizations for sports serving fans, journalists, and athletes alike.

At its core, Superstardle offers ways to engage with your favorite players and teams, past and present, in ways beyond the box score covering πŸ€ ⚽️ ⚾️ 🏈 and πŸ’.

Trivia Games

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Zones Trivia

  • Guess the statlines - flex your statline knowledge for any season dating back to 1978 for πŸ€ ⚾️ 🏈 πŸ’ and 1999 for ⚽

  • Choose your style - choose how you want to do statline trivia between two game styles

Tally Trivia

  • Guess the careers - dive into player career trivia based on the teams and number of seasons a player played

  • Choose your region - play according to the regions you know best, be it NYC, Boston, Miami, LA, and many more.

Styles Trivia

  • Guess the graph - test your knowledge using stat visuals that reveal player styles and tendencies

  • Choose your era - choose which sports era fits you best, from the early 2000s to today


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The Time Machine & Salaries

  • Jump into the past - research rosters and standings with ease, without having to find yourself in search engine rabbit holes

  • Dive into salaries - explore sports salaries from Spotrac across πŸ€ ⚾️ 🏈 πŸ’ the last 4 years and compare player values

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